About me

First of all, thanks for visiting my site! This was never planned as a full photographic presentation, but having heard a lot of praise from all of you, it sort of expanded to what you see today.

I started taking pictures at an early age. Being fascinated by the (in retrospective rather limited) possibilities of my first analogue camera, I "shot" everything that crossed my path ;) After years of experimenting and patient training by my father, I've learnt to channel that fascination into (hopefully more than less) beautiful pictures :)

Today, photography is one of my favourite pasttime activities and for sure among my most expensive. I mainly focus on landscapes and nature. And due to my beloved sport - horseback riding- some of pictures involve equines in one form or another. If you haven't heard of lightpainting (meaning exactly that: painting with various sources of light, such as giant torches), you should absolutely visit this category and have a look in the links section for far more advanced works. To keep things interesting I currently try to find a foothold in portraits, so keep tuned...

On the hardware side of things, I'm currently working with a Canon DSLR, a variety of lenses ranging from 15 to 400 mm and a Gitzo carbon-fibre tripod for my landscape shots.